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The Ethics of Romans & Christians


Virtues in Harmony

Did you know that the state religion of Rome and the values of Christians, far from being incompatible and antagonistic, are actually strikingly similar? From the idea that emperors were man-gods to their global appeal to all nations, the message of the New Testament and of imperial Rome are in shocking harmony.


Using the coins of the realm and the philosophical trends of 1st Century Rome, CREATING CHRIST reveals that the message of “Peace on Earth and Good Will to All Men” was the agenda of Roman propaganda, largely inspired by the war against the Jews who were rebelling against their empire.


In CREATING CHRIST, the authors present an analysis of the Roman and Jewish coins of the time, demonstrating that the values of peace, charity, good will, hope, joy, love and, in short, all of the cardinal virtues advanced by Christianity are not only alien to the ideas of the Jewish rebels contemporaneous with Jesus but perfectly in harmony with Rome's imperial agenda.


Time and again, these values, so favorable to Rome even Pontius Pilate could find no fault in them, prove alien to the rebellious and xenophobic Jewish doctrine of the era. Indeed, both St. Paul's and Jesus's own instructions to honor, respect and pay taxes to Romans validates the most recent scholarship proving that persecution of Christians has been considerably exaggerrated.


The implications to our understanding of the religious conflicts of global monotheism today could not be more profound. In CREATING CHRIST, the overwhelming evidence suggests the reason why. We are literally repeating history that has been entirely forgotten...

Roman coin
roman coin
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