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The Historical Context


Flavians and Christians

Did you know that the Gospels were written some 40 years after the death of Christ, shortly after the Roman generals Vespasian and Titus Flavius had conquered the Jews and sacked their Temple, thereby fulfilling Jesus's prophecy of his second coming?


Jesus famously predicted the destruction of the Jewish Temple at Jerusalem within the lifetime of some listening to him. That prophecy came true. Less often emphasized is the fact that he also associated his own Glorious Second Coming with that event, saying that this would also occur. 


For almost 20 centuries this prophecy has made less and less sense to Christians and scholars.


Vespasian and Titus became the first Flavian emperors of Rome after their victory in the Jewish War, and they were deified in the east and hailed as Jewish Messiahs by both Jewish and gentile followers of their cults even while they lived. Most of the New Testament was written during Flavian rule even as their own propaganda proclaimed them the conquerors and Jewish messiahs of Old Testament prophecy, as proven by their victory over the Jews and their subsequent rise to "world rule."

In CREATING CHRIST, historical context that has been overlooked for two millennia is finally revealed as the source and motive behind the earliest Christian texts - historical context that explains the wealth of evidence that has been brushed aside for many centuries.


Why are so many friends and family of the Flavians associated with Christianity? Why was Titus’s niece buried in the first Christian catacombs and her husband made one of the first popes? Why do so many friends and relations of the Flavians appear in the Bible itself?

CREATING CHRIST even examines the first mention of Jesus Christ outside the Bible, the much-disputed reference by the Flavians' own court historian, Flavius Josephus - and reveals why his unprecedented references to Jesus, although they were tampered with by later Christians, are not only the first that appear in any literature outside of the Bible - they are probably absolutely genuine. 

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