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The Archaeological Evidence

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Did you know that the main symbol for Christianity was not the Cross for the first four centuries AD?


For the first time, in CREATING CHRIST, all of the evidence, with all its contradictions, coincidences and gaps, is explained with a theory of Christian origins supported by newly introduced physical evidence - evidence that is impossible to refute.


From the architectural motifs of 1st Century Romans to the symbols used in Christian catacombs, stunning evidence that history has completely missed suggests conclusions with profound implications for our understanding of Western history.


From a mosaic buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. to coins minted in the millions by the Flavian emperor Titus, CREATING CHRIST  presents astonishing new proof that the foundation of Christianity is not at all what a billion people on earth believe it to be today.

The New Archaeological Evidence: In Depth

New physical evidence  proving the theory of Christianity’s imperial Roman provenance. Click on image below.
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